Moscow Jewish leader attacked in Moscow synagogue

(December 26, 2000)

(BNI-DEC.24) Avraham Berkowitz, a leader of the Moscow Jewish community was attacked and seriously injured in a beating in a Moscow synagogue on the Sabbath. Three persons dragged him to the basement of the house of worship and severely beat the community leader who was admitted to a local hospital.  


JTA - 12/24: The executive director of a leading Jewish group in the former Soviet Union was attacked at Moscow's Choral Synagogue. Avrohom Berkowitz, of the Lubavitch-dominated Federation of Jewish Communities, said three men tried to drown him in the synagogue's mikvah, or ritual bath. Police are investigating the incident.

The Moscow office of the Anti-Defamation League condemned the inactivity of the authorities in a Russian city to condemn anti-Semitic protesters. The criticism comes after demonstrators confronted participants in a Russian rabbinical conference last week with anti-Semitic posters.


UCSJ Update: Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, an American citizen, and the Public Relations director for the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, is now at home. Police are investigating the attack, which they now say was perpetrated by people who looked like guards, but were not actually synagogue guards.

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